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Everyone has a story.

Think back to when you started, and the challenges you faced. Imagine if you had been through a program like this in high school.  How would that experience have changed you?

If we all pay it forward today, our students will have every advantage tomorrow.   The Academy offers many ways to roll up your sleeves and get involved.  Share your expertise and tell your story today.


Calling all Experts

Accountant Speaker
Accountants speak with students about budgeting, financing, and taxes while also touching on the role of an accountant and what small businesses owner should know about accounting services.

Taxes & Business Speaker
Tax experts share their knowledge and personal experiences to clarify what small businesses need to know about taxes, sales taxes, filing options, and the role of state and federal taxes on local enterprises.

Attorney Speaker
Attorneys introduce students to legal business structures, intellectual property, patent & trademarks, and how the law and court systems interact with small businesses.

Social Entrepreneur Speaker
Social entrepreneurship speakers speak about the importance of social entrepreneurship, the business behind non-profits, and the vital role that non-profit organizations play in a local community.

Banking Partner & Speaker
Local banking partners get involved directly with new student enterprises, offering accounts to each business.  They speak about the role of banking and business loans in small business.

Sales Speaker
Sales experts teach how to effectively sell their products or services to customers and draw on their own experiences to explain the basics of successful sales pitches, how to interact best with customers, and what students should prepare for their Trade Show Event.

Government Resource Speaker
Government speakers, possibly elected or appointed officials, speak with students about the role that local municipalities can play in creating a friendly business environment and incentives for local companies.

Business Field Trip
Business field trips get students excited about the promise of enterprise and feature local companies with a dynamic speakers.

Advertising/Marketing Field Trip
An important part of any enterprise, this visit teaches students about various advertising, marketing, and public relations strategies that are vital to small business success. The students will learn how to enhance their company’s brand while attracting more customers and generating more sales.

Franchising Field Trip
The Franchising Field Trip helps students understand the real possibility of creating a quality branded enterprise that is replicable to serve more customers in more locations across the country and/or world. This is a great opportunity for students to learn the importance of this unique type of business operations and structure.

Business of Sports Field Trip
A field trip to a dynamic local sports stadium or place of recreation provides a fun way for students to learn the business and operations behind these popular local companies. Through the trip, students will discover the behind-the-scenes approach to fun and games!



Business Mentors
Mentors work one-on-one with student businesses to assist in the creation of their business plans. In 90-minute sessions for seven weeks, mentors provide guidance and feedback as students think through all aspects of their business creation, write their business plans, and prepare their Investor Panel presentations.

Investor Panelists
A prestigious seat to hold, local Investor Panelists evaluate, judge, and provide start-up capital to the student businesses at the Investor Panel Event. The panel allocates funding to various business concepts based on the quality of their pitch and presentation, and select the one business with the most potential for success to advance to the national semi-finals college scholarship competition.

The CEO Roundtable
The CEO Roundtable event features local CEOs who discuss their roles, companies, backgrounds, and offer helpful business and networking advice to the students.

Elevator Pitch Experts
Acting as a local Pitch Expert, this community member literally rides in an elevator with the students, providing them with an opportunity to practice and perfect their all-important Elevator Pitches before their Trade Show and Investor Panel events.

Graphic Designers
Graphic Designers work one-on-one with individual student businesses to produce logos and print material for the new enterprises, including business cards, brochures, letterheads, and more. Working remotely, Graphic Designers invest approximately 5-10 hours in helping a new student business secure a professional and winning look and feel.

Web Developers
Web Developers have the opportunity to create a new, impactful online presence for a student business start-up that promotes the company well. Each developer invests about 10-20 hours including an in-class visit with the student business.

The Media Meet & Greet
This event includes local reporters, anchors, producers, editors, and communications professionals who speak with students about the power of the press, how to get stories covered, interviewing tips, and  much more.

E-Commerce Speaker
E-Commerce speakers teach students about the great opportunities of conducting business online and explain the pros and cons of e-commerce and why it’s so important to small businesses in today’s economy.

Insurance Speaker
Insurance experts speak with students about the specific business insurance needs of the various student enterprises and discuss the risks different businesses face, how insurance works, and how small businesses benefit from the insurance industry.

Niche Marketing Speaker
Marketing speakers help students understand what a niche market is and explain the pros and cons of operating within a niche market through their own personal experiences and work.

Designation & Awards Speaker
Awards speakers tell students how applying for, being nominated for, and receiving special awards can have a positive impact on a company’s culture, customer base, and marketing campaigns.




Please tell us how you could contribute your experience, expertise, stories, and more to help today's students.


Do you know an aspiring young who is creative and motivated, and demonstrates a strong work ethic? Please introduce us!

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